Buy a Pre-Trained Dog

All of the Fun - None of the Hassles

Would you like to get a dog that is so well trained that all you need to do is have fun with it? How would you like it if you could:

  1. Play fetch.
  2. Go for a walk with your dog off-leash and right by your side down city streets and to the grocery store.
  3. Have your dog pull children in a sleigh up a hill to go for another toboggan run.
  4. Go for a swim with your dog.
  5. Have your dog greet guests politely and show off a few tricks.
  6. Cuddle on a dreary day.
  7. Go for a jog or run beside your bicycle.
  8. Pull you in a buggy down pathways like a modern day musher.

When people get a puppy they often forget what it is like to deal with:

  • Potty accidents in the house.
  • Whining at 3 am.
  • Chewing shoes, furniture, walls and tables.
  • Barking incessantly.
  • Jumping up on people.
  • Pulling you down the sidewalk.
  • Aggression problems over toys, food, bones and towards other people or dogs.
Black lab sitting.

We are offering a dog that comes already trained where all you need to do is have fun. We pre-select the best natured dogs in good health who will be the best fit for your family and then we train them to match. Interested families will be required to go through careful screening to ensure you are a good match for your new dog and will take excellent care of them.

Price will be dependent on what entails the perfect dog for you and trained to match your family lifestyle.

There is the perfect police dog, the perfect herding dog and now there is the perfect family dog. Which is specifically trained to be the perfect four legged family member.