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We Can Train Any Dog

Why Choose Dog Squad?

If I were a betting man I would say you are here because you have a dog with a behaviour you would like to change or you just want to set off on the right foot.  So you decide to search the Internet and find there is one person saying to train your dog one way and another saying to do the complete opposite.  So now you have decided to search for a dog trainer and you are deciding to choose which is the best one.  Let me tell you why you should choose Dog Squad.

10 Reasons To Choose Dog Squad

The Quick List for those who just want the facts:

1. Our style works with any dog.

2. Fastest, easiest and most advanced training techniques – dogs like to learn quickly and to get the best results you must train them quickly.

3. Private 1000 square foot training facility.

4. Private 20,000 square foot out door training pen.

5. Sessions 7 days a week to suit any schedule.

6. Experience training all different kinds of dogs (big, small, aggressive, easy going, a wee bit crazy :)

7. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk – when we are not with clients we are training other dogs from morning till night going from zero obedience to full control.

8. Written training plan specific to your dog so you can stay on track.

9. Videos to watch in members area of the website so you can fine tune your technique.

10. Help whenever you need it.

11. Continuous learning - I make it my mission to learn at least one new thing about dog training every day so I can continue to help you improve your relationship with your dog.

12. We tell you exactly what to expect.


     Ok so there are more than 10 reasons to choose Dog Squad.  For those of you that want to know how all of that benefits you that brings us to:

      The Detailed List for those who want the best for their dog and they want to make sure I am that person:

1. Our style works with any dog and let me explain why - There are predominantly two styles of dog training:

A. Treat based.

B. Force based

Each style has pros and cons.  

A. Treat based -

Pros: teaches complex behaviours, dogs enjoy it,     helps overcome fear.

Cons:can become a bribe, doesn’t work in intense     distractions, dog only works with food     present.

B. Force based -

Pros: can teach very strict and precise obedience,     dog can listen in all distractions without     bribery.

Cons:can break a dog’s spirit, can cause     aggression problems, many dogs can’t take     the abuse.

Now what if I were to tell you, you could take all of the benefits from Treat Training without any of the cons and you could also take all of the benefits from Force Based training without any of the cons?  That is exactly what we have done and it produces happy dogs that listen very well.

2. Fastest, easiest and most advanced training techniques - and here’s why:

For a few years now I have discovered that dogs learn better when you teach it to them quickly.  Recently I was reading in a book “Train Your Own Stock Dog - You Don’t Have To Be Smarter Than The Dog” by Bob Hinds and Bob states: “Training within a few days appears to make about the same calibre of finished dog, or maybe even better, than taking weeks for the same thing”.

Bob looks like he has been around for a while so it seems as though I am not the only one to think this way.

So what does this mean for you? We train clients how to work with their dog in 4 hours.  Once you know our techniques the training is easy.  The next most important thing is to go out and do it.  This takes away the excuse of not knowing what to do next and the problem of forgetting what you learned 6 weeks ago.  You can have an excellent dog in less time than most dog training classes take to complete.

3. Private 1000 square foot training facility - What does this mean for you?  Dogs learn best in low distraction environments and here we can control all distractions.  Everything is set up and ready to go to teach you the fastest ways to train your dog.  It is all designed to be easy to transfer over to work with your dog at home.

4. Private 20,000 square foot training pen - What does this mean for you? This is like having our own private dog park where we can exercise dogs and work them in an open space under full control when necessary.

5. Sessions 7 days a week - What does this mean for you?  I love training dogs and working with people so much that we do it 7 days a week to make sure we can accommodate any schedule so you can quickly have the best time with your buddy.

6. Experience training all kinds of dogs - What does this mean for you? Some trainers specialize in certain dogs and not others.  I love them all and work with them all no matter what size, breed or behavioural problems.

7. We Walk the Walk - What does this mean for you?  I have spent thousands of hours training dogs using the techniques we teach and I learn something new from every dog.  It may come as a surprise but some trainers have never trained dogs to do the things they are trying to help you with.  Often if they had they would learn that some techniques don’t work very well and others need a lot more steps to them.  Most of what a dog trainer learns comes from experience and that - we have a lot of.

8. Written Training Plan Specific to Your Dog - What does this mean for you?  Every dog is different and all of them will be trained differently. The reason you hear two opposite stories to almost anything dog training related is because both can be right.  So how do you know what is best for your dog?  That is what we will cover and set out for you.

9. Videos in Members Area - I told you I have spent thousands of hours training dogs and I have videos to prove it.  We have just launched a Members Area with videos to watch with step by step instructions on how to train certain techniques with dogs.  It is as if I am always right there to help you whenever you need it.

10.Help Whenever You Need It - Just like I said previously we have videos to help you out and e-mail support as well. Our training is so simple to do our return rate is less than 1% (0.7% actually). However I am always here for any help people need.

11.Continuous Learning - What does this mean for you?  Until I can find that magic wand that will magically train any dog my search will always continue for faster and better methods to train dogs.  Any client of mine has access to all of my knowledge and updated videos with new techniques.

12.We tell you exactly what to expect - We have a page online that gives you an overview of what to expect when you book with Dog Squad. We also go over in detail what will happen when you book with us, leaving nothing to guesswork.

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The Types of Dogs I Work With and the Results You Get

I frequently work with people who have used multiple dog trainers and these are some of the cases I work with from small to big:

Tikki was a small dog with aggression problems that was very aggressive to my clients grandchildren in which this needed to stop.  This is what she wrote back not even a full month later:

Just enjoying a nice Sunday morning watching my grandsons give Tikki dog treats for doing puppy pushups and the older one picking him up.

Amazing, less than a month ago Tikki would have chewed the face right off of that kid.

He chills out in his kennel (his idea) and never jumps up on furniture unless invited.

Oh, he also goes in the back yard without barking at everyone walking by or the neighbours in their yards…

I am amazed…

What a difference in our little monster!

You had mentioned a log on for videos? We are still in infancy of training due to busy lives, etc (you have heard all the excuses) but with warm weather coming…. Time to get busy.

Also, can you mail me some business cards?

Our friends are gob smacked over the change in this dog.

Warm regards,


After a quick reply with congratulations this was also written back to us:

I mentioned I took (name deleted) training with our other dog and it took so much longer, we (dog and I) were both bored by the end of the 12 weeks.

The dog only viewed me as Alpha so it didn’t help our kids much either.

This next client has a 140 pound Rottweiler who would bite her around his food dish.  Here are some of the first things this owner reported back:

I think he is starting to get this pack structure stuff. When I used to tell him "no" he wouldn't really listen to me but now he usually stops what he is doing - couldn't be happier to report that!! :)

Overall, Duke is doing well and he seems happier!! And of course, so do we. We are not as stressed dealing with this crazy dog.

One of my most recent clients has a 9 year old dog that caused multiple scar wounds to her hands, arms and chest because he was begging for food and she tried to distract him with a toy.  When sleeping he will bite with puncture wounds if someone disturbs him.  This dog started showing aggression 8 years ago and my client has used multiple dog trainers.  I am excited to see the upcoming results to help get this dog over his biting issues.  This dog is already very well trained with obedience and has a lot of structure in his life.  However he was missing out in a few key areas as I haven’t had a single client yet who knows everything we teach about Pack Structure and Dog Psychology, even the ones who have been through multiple dog trainers.

Some people ask if I specialize in certain dogs and my answer is that I specialize in all dogs.  Each breed has its own characteristics and we go over all of that in your training session.

I love working with puppies as they are a clean slate and very easy to mould into the perfect dog for yourself.

If you have certain interests in different sports or games for your dog let me know and we can get you started on that as well.  There are many out there and here is just the tip of the iceberg on what we can get you started on:

Maybe you are just interested in going for a hike with your dog with your dog in an off-leash heel while squirrels and rabbits go running past.  Whatever you want to do with your dog let me know and I will help you achieve that goal.

Be sure to check out our movies page:

We like to have a lot of fun with dogs and we want you to experience the same with your dog.  If you have a dog and you want some dog training you have come to the right place.  I look forward to meeting you.

Dog Training For Calgary And Alberta

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