Board and Train

Sending your dog away to get trained


We only do this for special cases and the All Inclusive half day session is a prerequisite to qualifying for Board and Train.  Most of the training is teaching the owners how to deal with their dog.  We could teach your dog to be excellent for us because we can provide outlets for physical and mental energy and we follow dog pack rules.  When they go home they will require the same from you and if they don’t then things will quickly go back to the way they were before they came for training.  Clients who enquire about Board and Train and then take our All Inclusive session find how easy it is to train their dog and deal with problem behaviours which eliminates the need for Board and Train.  Board and Train is not something we usually recommend as dogs will typically respond better when the training (with the right techniques) has come from the family as the dog will have more respect for them.

Board and Train has been set up to allow maximum results in the shortest period of time. When we do offer our board and train package to clients that are a match it is typically an intensive 7 week program for the dog to get the best chances for success. This is the shortest time for us to be able to teach the dog and build that into a habit so that the maintenance program after has better success.

Here are just a few of the many things your dog will learn:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come When Called
  • Walk on a Loose Leash
  • Stop Jumping
  • Good Listening Skills

Every dog will be different and we can tailor your needs for your dog.  You are welcome to come watch your dog have fun with their training whenever you like.  We wouldn’t do anything to a dog that we wouldn’t do to ourselves and we never have anything to hide. When we do offer this training it is important that the household partake in the training by attending sessions throughout the dog’s stay.

What to expect: We will train your dog to understand all of the cues required.  You will be trained on how to follow through enforcing the commands and this will require work on your part.  Your dog has to see you as a leader otherwise everything we have taught them will fall apart.  Dogs are not robots and will make mistakes from time to time and you will need to help them through.  If they are continually allowed to make a mistake then the behaviour will fall apart.  Your dog will be very good at the behaviours they have learned here but will require you to manage them at home for 30-60 days to ensure they are habit with you as well. Once everything becomes habit then your dogs will continue much easier along that path. We will show you everything you need to do to ensure your happiness with your dog.