All Inclusive Session

Learn Everything In One Session

You have decided that you just want a really well trained dog or a problem to go away and you are wondering which trainer is right for you.  Say no more.  Tyson studies all styles of training because all dogs are different.  Tyson will take you through the stages specific to your dog to produce the happiest version of your dog.  Do you have a really big problem?  Tyson won’t leave you hanging.  Some other classes and trainers want you to sign up for more sessions.  Tyson just wants to see you succeed and will help you for as long as it takes.

What You Get:

  1. Training that works faster and more effective than any other.
  2. Have more than one dog? This package includes all of them.
  3. Half day training session to learn everything you need to know.
  4. Follow up e-mail with training notes and details specific to your dog.
  5. Support with any dog training questions. You can reach us by email with any questions for your dog. We help will help you working through problems.
  6. Videos in Members Area to see the explanations of everything again in case you need a refresher. You also get to see how Tyson personally takes dogs through the various stages of training.

Here are some of the hidden factors that will quickly pay for the training you get here:

  • Nutrition covered – we will tell you what foods give your dog the longest life span with the fewest ailments.  A sick dog can easily cost you $1000 to many thousands of dollars.
  • Self-control and not swallowing things they shouldn’t.  I had one client who spent $15,000 in 3 separate surgeries within 3 months because her dog kept swallowing objects that got stuck in the digestive tract.
  • Chewing household items.  A cell phone chewed can cost you $600 or more.  Drywall and door repairs can cost $500 to $1000 depending on the tenacity of your dog.
  • Recall – being able to call your dog off of chasing a squirrel or a rabbit and save them from getting hit by a car.  A bad accident like that usually requires Animal Emergency and a blood transfusion which typically starts at around $3,000 or more.
  • Ideal companion – try to put a price on a dog that reduces your stress (and doesn’t add to it) after a long day of work.  A dog you can take with you anywhere and you get compliments from multiple people each time out as to what a great dog you have.  Be able to go fishing, camping or hiking with a dog that sticks by your side and comes back whenever you call them.  To me this is priceless.
I guarantee the knowledge you learn from training here will easily pay for itself if not many times over.

Our Ideal Client

  • Dedication to having the best possible relationship with their dog.
  • Willing to put some time into training with their dog.
  • Wants to set an example for every other dog owner on the ideal human-dog relationship.

Why is one all inclusive session better than many group classes or private consults?

Answer: This gives the fastest results.  To train your dog you need to be their pack leader and understand every area of dog training.  Once you understand all areas that are important to your dog, you can train your dog very quickly.  Dogs like to learn fast and be challenged with mental stimulation.

Imagine a Surgeon doing surgery on you and hearing him say “I don’t know this part of the surgery yet so we will sew you up and bring you back in next week”.  Wouldn’t you prefer that your surgeon knew everything before beginning your surgery?  Your dog expects the same from you.  Once you know how to be their leader and you can communicate very clearly and effectively your dog will respond very fast.

Group Class Disadvantage: In Group Class you learn very sloowwly.  Many dogs get frustrated with the slow pace and regress.  Many dogs are also very distracted by other dogs and people. A good trainer knows that you always start training in low distractions and expand from there.  The Group Class Trainer has a schedule to get through and cannot focus 100% on any one person.  Dogs learn differently and this can cause frustration with students if their dog is not “getting it”.

Multiple Private Session Disadvantage: Here the training is broken up piece by piece. A good trainer knows that multiple things need to happen simultaneously for the dog to respond to training.  This is best explained with an example:

Imagine you are wanting to build a house so you have an expert come to teach you.  At the first session he says that you need nails and explains about all of the different nails and that takes up the first session.  From there you are still unable to build your house.  At the next session he tells you all about wood.  After this you are still unable to build your house as you need to know about your plan.  To effectively build your house you need to know about all areas of house building.  The same goes for dog training in which you need to have an understanding in all areas of dog training before your dog will learn what you want them to learn.

At the All Inclusive Session we will go over:

  • Any behaviour challenges with your dog.
  • Understanding Pack Structure and what your dog places importance on.
  • The best training techniques suited to your dog.
  • Beginning training with your dog.
  • Distraction training.
  • Fully understanding how to recognize when your dog is able to progress and how to progress with your dog very quickly.

Once you know the proper techniques, training is more about time put in than anything.  I can show you the fastest and easiest techniques to train your dog.  You will get faster results than any other method.  

Many clients are surprised to see how quickly their dog catches on to the right type of training. They are even more surprised to see how much their dog enjoys it.

We can help you with any dog training challenge.  If you have a new dog that you want to have trained properly we can show you how to quickly get the perfect dog for you.

Call us at 1-403-224-2224 or e-mail to set up your All Inclusive Dog Training Session.