What to Expect

When you come to work with Dog Squad, this is what you can expect:

  1. We book you a session on any day of the week that works best for you to come to our training facility.
  2. At the arrival of your session we first go over the training plan for your dog and the reasons behind it.
  3. We proceed to the dog training exercises as you being the dog first so you can get a feel of the dog training exercises from your dog’s point of view.
  4. Last we implement the exercises with your dog and have you get comfortable with the techniques in training them.
  5. You go home to continue training with your dog.  It takes about 2-3 weeks to start getting compliments from random strangers that “Your dog is so well trained”.
  6. Within 1-2 days you will receive your written training plan and access code to the members area with videos to review everything we have gone over.
  7. You maintain consistency in your training every day with your dog and you see what looks like small increases (or large).  These increases compound upon one another to give huge results in 2-3 weeks.
  8. Problem solving – In your session we teach you the easiest techniques to problem solve and help your dog progress.  These techniques break the problems down into their easiest versions.  Clients find this to be super effective and they have the ability to train their dog quicker than a dog trainer could because they know their dog best.
  9. Any stumbling blocks, even little questions or reminders you are always welcome to contact us at any time (preferably not after 10 PM or before 8 AM).  Should you require any additional one on one help we will schedule a time to make that happen.
Dog Squad dog trainer Tyson Hainsworth and his dog Delta