Who We Are?

Our Story

Tyson grew up in rural Saskatchewan playing with dogs any chance he could get. Upon graduating high school he enrolled in college and received his diploma in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. After entering the workforce and having multiple different jobs, Tyson realized his passion was working with dogs.

In 2006 Tyson entered the Professional Dog Trainer program at Animal Behaviour College (ABC). As well as in-depth coursework, ABC required students to volunteer at a local animal shelter to help rehabilitate rescues. As part of the curriculum you were also paired with a professional dog trainer where you went through a series of 3, 6 week classes. The first required you to watch, the second to train a dog in class, and the third to teach the class. Upon completion Tyson continued to volunteer and became the lead trainer for 2 locations in Calgary.

Soon after Tyson realized he wanted to help people achieve more specific and customized goals. A private setting where training could be achieve one on one proved to be the best and fastest outcome for his clients. Tyson’s focus still remains helping people and families communicate effectively with their dog.


Tyson Hainsworth and his dog Enzo sitting next to him.

Extraordinary Experiences

We believe training should be fun for you and your dog, and it should also be effective!

Tyson’s best kept secret is teaching dogs to walk on a loose leash without needing treats or harsh corrections.

Our Core Values

We believe every dog should be treated fairly no matter what their background is. Dogs respond best to positive relationships, good structure, and leadership. The golden rule is to never do anything to your dog that you wouldn’t do to yourself.