We Have The BEST Clients!

We work with great people. Here is a little bit of what our clients have been saying about training with Dog Squad. 

As a first time dog owner of a new puppy I wanted to find a professional trainer right from the start to set us up for success. I was beyond impressed with Tyson's expertise and knowledge of the best techniques to send me in the right direction. He has a great facility and offers a private 1 on 1 session. This is not your typical group setting that often don't produce the results you're looking for. This is the real deal, taking a dog owner through the proven fundamentals of dog psychology (with supporting videos and more) to help them learn how to master the craft. Tyson offered proven techniques and methods for owners to memorize and apply, and then trialing some of the basic commands with your dog in the lesson. After your session he provides online material to members to make use of throughout your journey. Invest in this early, it will pay off later! Thank you Tyson!
July 2019
Thank you again for sharing with us your tremendous energy and expertise! We had a wonderful time and are just so impressed with your work and what is possible with our dear little pup.
Lesley S.
October 2019
Just enjoying a nice Sunday morning watching my grandsons give Tikki dog treats for doing puppy pushups and the older one picking him up. Amazing, less than a month ago Tikki would have chewed the face right off of that kid. He chills out in his kennel (his idea) and never jumps up on furniture unless invited. Oh, he also goes in the back yard without barking at everyone walking by or the neighbours in their yards… I am amazed… What a difference in our little monster! You had mentioned a log on for videos? We are still in infancy of training due to busy lives, etc (you have heard all the excuses) but with warm weather coming…. Time to get busy. Also, can you mail me some business cards? Our friends are gob smacked over the change in this dog.
We had our dog Morgan attend two different dog classes and schools with minimal success. Subsequently Tyson was recommended to us and the difference in just one session was remarkable. Tyson has a gift for understanding dogs and their behaviour. He brings with him knowledge and an approach which is patient and thoughtful. These attributes quickly put our dog Morgan at ease and Morgan quickly developed a trust and eagerly put his energy into his session with Tyson. The results have been amazing and more than we could have hoped for. Besides training our dog, Tyson patiently put in extra time with us so that we could apply the methods to reinforce and maintain the training. I don't know who is going to miss our session with Tyson the most, Morgan or ourselves?
Chris F.
January 2011
Thanks so much in under a week we have come a long way in becoming pack leaders Aries is doing great with the basics at 8.5 weeks and storm went for her first loose leash walk yesterday wow felt great and she has come very far with the distraction almost in complete avoidance. Are other dog Sinder is now back in a beta position, WOW what a difference in our house in under a week . Can't thank u enough . Take care and thank you so much!
April 2016
Wow, this is such great information. Thank you very much. We very much enjoyed our day with you yesterday and left saying that we felt more informed and prepared then we did after our last training, which by the way was 10 weeks in length! The training at home has already started and like you said, I think Sam will catch on quickly. We will keep you posted in our progress and will email you with any questions as we dive deeper into the materials.
Jen & Clint
November 2019
Tyson was an absolutely great trainer! He showed up right on time and was very patient with Squirt our Puggle, who decided to be high strung that day. He taught us how to deal with Squirt and even after he left, continued to be so helpful through email correspondence. Thanks to Tyson,Squirt is no longer super obsessive over food, plays well with toys and learned a great deal of basic commands ( sit, lay down, pays attention to his name, leave it, drop it) We followed through with Tyson's method and even taught squirt another new command, as he usually lunges for treats and toys, he is now "gentle". We no longer have to be petrified of allowing our niece to pet him, and have now allowed him off muzzle with her. He now knows she is a leader in the pack as well. We literally cannot rave enough about Tyson, and have told all of our friends about him. We will definitely be giving him a call if and when we get our next dog! Thanks so Much!
Brendan, Phoenix, and Squirt
I had to tell you this dog is unbelievable now. Louie is being a fantastic girl now.. We are having a wonderful time. She’s learning so fast. Her whole alertness has changed. She’s happier, fetches great, stays, good distance commands, you name it. Everything is improving. She’s even given up chasing cars. I can’t believe it and I can’t thank you enough! I just wanted to let you know I am following through and being a good girl and Louie is definitely responding. Thank you so much again!
Judy and Louie
January 2014
It was so nice to meet you today. We really feel good and motivated to train Pino after your session. You are both very pleasant to work with, in person, by email, and on the phone.(and your cute little helpers) We feel we found the right place and definitely worth the drive from Banff. It’s nice to know you will always be there for any questions...because I just know I am always very curious and want to learn about dogs! We will keep you updated on our progress so you know we are committed! Thanks again and take care.
August 2019
Tyson, Thank you very much for your expertise and confidence with helping to train our German Shepherd, Shae. Shepherds are so high strung as puppies but with your knowledge we have seen so much improvement with her. Your calmness is really sensed with the dogs which helps them to learn that much quicker. The owner learns how to use effective training techniques which enables you to work with the dog on your own time too.
Past Client
Tyson: I would like to give you my sincere thanks for a job well done. Your professionalism, patience, kindness, and true love of animals is apparent in the way you conduct yourself while working with Buster. You have done wonders for his behaviour. Buster did catch on quickly, but I think that has to do with the patience and kindness you have shown to Buster. It brings me great pleasure to walk him now without him barking at any moving thing and quickly obeys to come after stopping for a long sniff. It is so much easier to enjoy a well behaved dog than one that is out of control. I especially enjoy Buster now with his ability to understand my commands and hand signals.Please feel free to have any potential clients contact me for any questions they may have about you and your professional skills. I will certainly let them know it will be the best thing they ever do for their dog!! (And in some cases their sanity!!:))
Cindy W.
November 2008