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Training Options

A small long haired white puppy with head cocked sideways.
Puppy Training

Comprehensive training for puppies. General Obedience, Potty Training, Socialization, and How To Avoid Problem Behaviours.

Obedience / Behavioural

Basic to Advanced Obedience, Recall, Loose Leash, Distraction Training, Tracking, Behavioural Issues, and more.

Reactivity / Aggression

Reactivity and/or Aggression towards people, dogs, or objects. Based out of fear or dominance.

Online Training

Access our training techniques anywhere. A comprehensive written PDF training guide with supporting videos.

Teaching a puppy at Dog Squad to sit and down to 150 feet near distractions.

Why Choose Dog Squad

The Quick List for those who just want the facts. If you want the in-depth reasons about these please click here:

  1. Our style works with any dog.
  2. Fastest, easiest, and most advanced training techniques.
  3. Private 1000 square foot indoor training facility and 20,000 square foot private outdoor training area.
  4. Sessions 7 days a week to suit any schedule.
  5. Experience training all different kinds of dogs (all breeds, big, small, aggressive, easygoing, fearful, etc.).
  6. Written training plan specific to your dog so you can stay on track.
  7. Videos to watch in members area of the website and detailed notes so you can fine tune your techniques or get a refresher when you need.
  8. Help whenever you need.
  9. Continuous learning -We make it our mission to learn at least one new thing about dog training ever day so we can help you improve your relationship with your dog.

10. We tell you exactly what to expect.

“…Second to none!….the most effective time I’ve ever invested in my dogs.”

– Don C. (Past Client)

Benefits of Dog Squad

  • Happy & Obedient –Did you know you can have a dog that is extremely good with advanced obedience commands and maintain all of their spirit and character? A lot of people think you have to give up one to get the other. We give clients that dog that has every bit of the spirit and character you love with the high level obedience that you can trust and rely on.
  • Private Sessions –Why do we only do private sessions? Everyone learns differently and each dog is different. Each session is customized to you and your dog. In a private session we progress a lot faster than group classes because we are fully focused on your dog and your goals.

  • Save Money– One session with us is like taking basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience as well as puppy training, aggression, and even specialty training (service dog, tracking, etc.). This would also be taking all of that through reward classes and force training classes. Then take 5 years to figure out the differences. You will save over $2,000 in training by taking one session with us.
  • Quickest Training– Dogs are smart, and when the right techniques are applied with them they learn very quickly. We have studied all sides of the spectrum when it comes to dog training and have pulled the good parts out of each area and amalgamated to make our own unique training process. Our training process is very simple once you know how it works. There is no need to spend weeks and months going to classes once you know how the process works. The average dog can be trained to a higher level of obedience than most people have in only 3 weeks time.
  • Goal Training– Do you have a goal in mind? Want a running partner? A dog you can go fishing with? Lounge around on your Stand Up Paddle board? Go for a nice peaceful walk? There are lots of trainers that can teach you the beginning steps, but will not be able to help you achieve a goal in mind. We once helped a lady who paid $16,000 for a Service Dog for her son who had Autism. The dog was great with the service vest on but when the vest came off the dog didn’t listen very well. We helped her achieve that ideal dog that was needed for her family. So no matter how much time and money has been invested in your dog, if they don’t meet your goals let us know.
  • Full Support– We train dogs for the love of training, not the love of money (shouldn’t be a dog trainer if you love money. 🙂 If a client has a question or an issue we are here to help them with it. I love nothing more than helping a dedicated client achieve their goals.
  • Fully Customized– Not all dogs are the same and not all dogs are motivated by the same things. Trying to apply one technique to all dogs just doesn’t work. We teach people what skills work best for their dog(s) and how to identify when you should do this or that. We lay out techniques for taking all of this new information and making sure it used appropriately for the situation. Once you understand what methods work best for your individual dog then it becomes very easy to achieve your goals.
  • Limited Time– Our clients often find they cannot commit to 45 minutes per week for 6 weeks. We teach you everything in one 4 hour session (that’s right, one session, 4 hours long). We are able to help our clients achieve their goals in a condensed session since the training is customized to their needs and their dog’s personality which allows for fast results. We then provide, notes, videos, and e-mail support. As a result we have clients that drive over 9 hours (one way) to come for training. Have had multiple clients from B.C. and Saskatchewan.
  • Over 17 Years Experience – With experience you see patterns. We can make accurate predictions on how a dog will turn out from when you get a puppy at 8 weeks old. As a result we can tell clients how to avoid huge behavioural problems in dogs that statistically are quite likely to have the same behavioural issues as other dogs that had the same traits as them.
  • Advanced Obedience– We love clients that want to take training to the highest level. We don’t charge extra for this, it is all taught in the same session even if you bring a puppy. We don’t try to sell you on a bunch of different classes. We love seeing clients achieve their dream dog. These might include off-leash heel, recall at the highest distractions such as rabbits and squirrels, sit and down commands to 250 meters, whisper commands, and so much more.
  • Notes and Videos– Because we cover a lot of material we know people are going to want to go through it again to anchor the training in their memory. Whether you like to read or watch videos; we have you covered.
Dog Squad dog trainer Tyson Hainsworth and his dog Delta
Dog Squad dog trainer Tyson Hainsworth and sons heeling their German Shepherd towards deer distractions.

Gift Certificates Available

Give the gift of a well trained dog! A unique and useful gift for family or friends.

“…I was beyond impressed with Tyson’s expertise and knowledge of the best techniques…”

– Matt M. (Past Client)

10 Reasons to Choose Dog Squad: The Details:


  1. Our Style Works with Any Dog -Let me explain why –

There are predominantly two styles of dog training:

  1. Treat based
  2. Force based

Each style has pros and cons.

  1. Treat based-

            Pros: Teaches complex behaviours, dogs enjoy it, helps overcome fear.

            Cons: Can become a bribe, doesn’t work in intense distractions, dog only works when food present.

  1. Force based-

            Pros: Can teach very strict and precise obedience, dog can listen in all distractions without bribery.

            Cons: Can break a dog’s spirit, can cause aggression problems, many dogs don’t respond well to this style alone.

Now what if we were to tell you, you could take all of the benefits from Treat Training without any of the cons and you could take all the benefits from Force Training without any of the cons? That is exactly what we have done and it produces happy dogs that listen very well.

  1. Fastest, Easiest and Most Advanced Training Techniques -and here’s why:

For a few years now we have discovered that dogs learn better when you teach them quickly. An important piece of information learned from a very experienced stock dog trainer named Bob Hinds is that: “Training within a few days appears to make about the same calibre of finished dog, or maybe even better, than taking weeks for the same thing.” In our experience this has turned out to be very true.

So what does this mean for you? We train clients how to work with their dog in four hours. Once you know our techniques the training is easy. The next step is to go out and do it. It also takes away the problem of having to wait for the next session to be able to progress with your dog. You can have an excellent dog in less time than most dog training classes take to complete.

  1. Private 1000 Square Foot Indoor Training Facility and 20,000 Square Foot Private Outdoor Training Area -What’s the benefit to you?

Dogs learn the starting phases of training best in low distraction environments. Unlike in home sessions we have the power to control the levels of distraction introduced in a safe manner so you can get the basics before trying them at home. We keep other dogs, chickens, and horses at the facility for use for training when needed. We also introduce sound machines, other people, and more when needed. Everything is setup and ready to go to teach you the fastest ways to train your dog. Best of all it’s all designed to be easy to transfer over to to work with your dog at home.

The outdoor space is like having your own private park where we can exercise dogs and work with them in an open space with better control.

This also means we can train year round no matter what the weather conditions. Because let’s face it we never know what to expect with the weather.

  1. Sessions 7 Days a Week -What does this mean to you?

We love training dogs and working with people so much that we do it 7 days a week. This ensures that we can accommodate any schedule so you can quickly have the best time with your buddy.

  1. Experience Training All Different Kinds of Dogs -The benefit to you?

Some trainers specialize in certain dogs and not others. We love them all and work with them all no matter what size, breed, or behavioural problems. We guarantee your dog is welcome here for training.

  1. Written Training Plan Specific to Your Dog -What does this mean for you?

Every dog is different and all of them will be trained differently. The reason you hear two opposite stories to almost anything dog training related is because both can be right. So how do you know what is best for your dog? That’s where we come in. We will assess your dog’s personality and determine best learning styles and set it all out for you.

  1. Videos in Members Area -The benefit to you?

We have spent thousands of hours training dogs and have the videos to prove it. Our members area  includes videos for you to watch that have step by step instructions on how to train certain techniques with dogs. It’s as if we are always right there with you to help you out when you need it.

  1. Help Whenever You Need it -What does this mean exactly?

As mentioned previously we have videos to help you out. We also include customized email support for a whole year. We try to respond in no less than 24-48 hours to all support emails. We also ensure that a trainer is the one answering your questions. Our training is so simple that our return rate for training help needed is less than 1% (0.6% actually). However we are always here for any help people need.

  1. Continuous Learning -What does this mean to you?

Until we can find that magic wand that will train any dog without any effort our search will always continue for better and faster methods to train dogs. All of our clients have access to all of our knowledge and ensure we offer the newest techniques if they are the best. We are continually training dogs ourselves so that we can ensure the techniques being used will get you the best results.

  1. We Tell You Exactly what to expect. -Expect the best!

We have a page online that gives you an overview of what to expect when you book with Dog Squad. We also go over in detail what will happen when you book with us, leaving nothing to guesswork.