Loose Leash Walking (Heel)

Loose Leash Walking is walking your dog with a loose leash. This can mean the dog is walking anywhere around you while the leash is loose. Heel is where the dog walks in a specific position. Traditionally that meant the opposite side you would carry your gun. If you were a right handed shooter, your dog would walk on the left. That is why so many people say you need to walk your dog on the left. Most people are a right handed shooter. You can actually train your dog to walk on whatever side you like. Walking down sidewalks it is often best to walk the dog on your right side to keep a barrier between your dog and other strange dogs. 

Distractions are also a common issue with heel. Some dogs will walk well with no distractions but pull like a freight train when they see distractions. 

Distraction Training Experts

We specialize in distraction training. Teaching your dog to ignore rabbits, squirrels, dogs, people, vehicles, leaves, etc. Then you can achieve loose leash walking in all environments. 

Off-leash heel is the next step. It is an amazing feeling to off-leash heel train your dog. You look like a boss when you are out for a walk. I have had a number of clients that saw a dog walking like a dream passed their house and they went running out to ask them where they trained their dog. Go see Tyson at Dog Squad is what they say. I love hearing success stories like that.

Off-leash heel training a black lab.

7 month Black Lab starting off-leash heel training.

Off-leash heel training 2 havanese puppies that are 7 months old.

2 Havanese pups, 9 months old doing off-leash heel passed a very excited black lab. This is the same black lab in the previous picture. However that was when the lab just arrived and had not received formal obedience training.

Loose leash walking (heel) with dog distractions.

Heel training in passing other dogs. Same black lab in all 3 pictures. This was in the middle of her time with us for training. Bernese Mountain Dog around 6 months in age practicing heel as well.