Calgary Dog Trainer

Dog Squad trainer Tyson Hainsworth teaching Samson the Great Dane to sit and focus.If you are looking for a Calgary Dog Trainer then Dog Squad can be an excellent fit for you. We are often called when other trainers haven’t had the experience to solve the problems you have with your dog.

It is common for us to work with clients that have had three or four different trainers before hand and still have not reached the dog training goals they were after. Every dog is different and in many cases these other dog trainers have just not found a way that your dog likes to learn. Dogs are like people and they all have different personalities and learning styles. From our experience in dog training, you need to first and foremost have a good bond and relationship with your dog and then you can address the training areas you want to have dealt with.

Dog training should always be fair to the dog. A dog trainer shouldn’t have to continually yell at your dog or use excessive force. At the same time a dog trainer can’t be too soft and let a dog do whatever they want. Using treats are a good way to build a foundation. As many of our clients have found, some dog trainers stop there. After treat training a dog has to learn that they need to respond regardless of whether a treat is present. This is for safety reasons. Just because a dog might like a rabbit more than a treat or reward doesn’t mean they can ignore you.

Many people say their dog listens well when they have treats and there are not any large distractions. As soon as they don’t have treats or the distraction is too great, their dog stops listening. An experienced dog trainer will be able to show you how to retain that strong bond and have a dog who listens to you in any situation.