Potty Training a Puppy

There are a lot of variables when potty training a dog. 

  1. Winter vs Summer
  2. Fast at patterns vs slow at patterns
  3. Humans away during the day vs at home during the day
  4. Dog’s background – Were they rescued from a place that allowed them to pee in close quarters
  5. And a lot more.

One fascinating observation over the years we have seen is that dogs that become aggressive later in life catch onto potty training much faster. Whenever we deal with a dog that has some pretty serious aggression issues, it is common for the owners to say the dog had zero potty accidents as a pup or maybe one accident. The nicest dogs that never ever show aggression take the longest to potty train.

Over the years we have seen so many different scenarios and variables play out that we can help clients with any of their potty training struggles.