Recall (Come When Called)

Recall Experts

Recall is the dog training term. It simply means to have your dog come back when you call them.

Coming when called is one of the most important things you can teach your dog. It can be the difference between life and death with how well a dog responds. 


Distractions are the main issue for most people when getting their dog to come when called. Many dogs will come back fine when there are no distractions but as soon as there is a distraction, the dog runs off and won’t listen.

Many trainers rely on the dog wanting a tasty treat. A lot of dogs are not motivated by a treat, especially with a tempting distraction. We teach clients how to solve those issues. 

I personally train all of my dogs to be able to come when called off of any distraction. To the point where they can be running flat out towards the distraction like a rabbit, deer, dog, etc and you call them and they turn around on a dime and coming right back towards you. No treat required. But you can reward them if you like.

We have become well known in certain dog groups where a particular breed of dog was said to be “untrainable” in recall but after they use the techniques we teach, the dog now has perfect recall.

Pictures above: Recall with sheep distraction.

Dog coming when called running towards handler.
Dog coming when called sitting in front of handler.

Pictures above: Newfoundlander 6 months old starting recall training.